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Charizard 'M

Tested a new warning message. What do you guys think of it?

On Miiversepedia, we are all part of a community that is bound together by the Community Guidelines. Violators of these guidelines will receive a block.

Users who repeatedly violate the Community Guidelines will receive longer blocks. Currently, you are blocked from Miiversepedia for one month.

Users who receive warnings and do not stop violating the Community Guidelines may be permanently blocked from editing on Miiversepedia. Currently, you are more than halfway to a permanent block.

To ensure your continued use of Miiversepedia, please review our Community Guidelines and follow them when editing. Thank you!

To view the Community Guidelines, click here.

Your Current Violations

(list violations here)

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Charizard 'M

The "currently, you are blocked for one month" will be edited to "currently, you are blocked for x amount of time" in the future, correct?  If not, the message seems a bit too specific to be used for general use.


Yes, although this should prefereably be used for a two-week ban or longer. I copied and pasted most of this message from a warning message I left on a blocked user's wall.

Kajad's modification seems good.
Technickal wrote:
Kajad's modification seems good.

I agree. The only reason that I said "one month" was because the user that I tested this message on was blocked for a month.

ChibiSpicy wrote:
This is Basically Miiverse all over again

No Miiverse was way better,you guys are just like the Admins but harsher on rules. Yeah **** this place just permanent ban me

Don't go complaining all over LMR now that you're blocked from this wiki, you literally asked for it.

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