After sending the previous poll to the Wikia staff member that initially replied to me regarding the complaints about Digit03 (semanticdrifter), I was met with the following reply:

We generally don't remove rights from bureaucrats unless it's clear that there is a community consensus to do so.

We need to see this consensus on the wikia itself.

If you wish to pursue this approach, we suggest you hold a public discussion on your community (open to all community members) asking if the bureaucrat should be demoted. This needs be on a community page, not on chat or another website; and in discussion form, not as a poll. That way, we can see who voted and what they voted for.

Please keep this discussion open for one week, or until all active community members have had an opportunity to voice their opinion. If the result is that the community has decided the bureaucrat should be removed, we can remove the rights.


As such, and corresponding to the overwhelming response I received on the previous poll, I've decided to follow the above message's instructions and create a community discussion. If you have something to say, feel free to say it! I'll make sure that no responses on this thread are removed; every thought is valuable when debating a topic such as this. The discussion will be left open for a week, so that everyone involved will have an opportunity to voice their say here. Thanks!

(In case you didn't read the finish to the previous thread: On this thread we're discussing the removal of bureaucrat rights solely; Digit03's admin rights will remain unless a drastic change in the wiki's structure occurs.)