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What's going on with LMR?

Everyone on Miiverse is talking about it for some reason.
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Charizard 'M
Digit03 wrote:
Everyone on Miiverse is talking about it for some reason.

From my understanding of it (I was in chat when this happened), Warrior (a supposed false reporter) went into LMR chat and explained his reasoning for reporting others, which if I'm honest made even less sense than your reasoning (I think he wanted to make Miiverse more 'fun' by exterminating all the false reporters, which seems counter-intuitive to me).  After a bunch of users in the chat confronted him and tried to reason with him, he broke down and attempted to apologize, but after I suggested that we ban him from chat Supereggy5 posted a Strawpoll regarding the matter.  He left before we were able to ban him, although I think Mr. Left was against the ban since he didn't want an "angry mob" running LMR's chat.

I'm going to remove the highlight for this thread, since it doesn't regard Miiversepedia I don't see why it needs to be highlighted.


Okay, thanks for answering.

P.S. - The only reason I highlighted this was because I just wanted a quick answer (I didn't know who was online).

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