Cedar is a Miiverse clone programmed by Seth and conceptualized by Eric D.(Eric really didn't do anything) The logo (Cedar Tree), is taken from a "JavaScript library for crafting visualizations".


  • Miiverse's basic functions (Posting, yeahing, commenting, etc.)
  • Embedding images and videos in posts
  • A "Nah" button, meant to be a dislike button for post
  • Community creation by users
  • A dark mode
  • Custom name colors


Cedar is moderated the same way Closedverse is, but with different people.


  • There are currently 15 official Cedars, with Cedar 15 being the most popular.
  • Cedar is usually joked about, but most find it to be a good clone nonetheless
  • There's a popular Japanese re-hosting of Cedar called Exverse. it's located at