Closedverse is a Miiverse clone created by Arian Kordi and PF2M in Python and Django Web Framework. The original goal of Closedverse was the parody Openverse and make it better.


  • PF2M begins work on Openverse and he announces it
  • Arian tries to make his own Miiverse clone (Grape)
  • Grape fails due to naive coding and multiple server issues.
  • PF2M releases Openverse and it failed due to an issue that allowed users to log into other accounts and Lane's work exhaustion.
  • Arian scraps everything and makes a parody of Openverse that's open source
  • Closedverse is released

(Yeah, this will be rewritten into something good. I just got lazy) - Talon


  • While Openverse uses a blue happy face as its logo, Closedverse's logo is a blue sad face as of October 10th, 2017. It's logo was previously a red sad face.
  • Closedverse does not have a Wii U interface like Arian's previous Miiverse clone (Grape) did. Instead, it appears and functions exactly like browser Miiverse.
  • Yeahbombing + Yeahbotting will get you banned from Closedverse