Grape/grape is a discontinued Miiverse clone by Arian Kordi to compete with PF2M's Openverse. It was most likely the first Miiverse clone to be released for public use. grape is officially discontinued and now Arian is working on Closedverse with PF2M.


  • PF2M announces Openverse
  • Arian hears about it
  • Arian creates his own Miiverse clone in PHP
  • Arian releases the Miiverse clone for public use
  • It has many problems
  • It gets shut down


Arian's goal with grape was to create something as similar to Miiverse as possible with some minor extra features. grape had 3 interfaces (grp_portal, grp_offdevice, grp_n3ds)


Portal (Wii U)

Portal was a remake of the Wii U interface for Nintendo's Miiverse (which was also called "portal"). It used some things internally from the original Wii U portal by Nintendo.

n3ds (3DS)

A 3DS interface, which hasn't been finished, but Arian started work on it and didn't do much else. Only the error page was created.

Offdevice (Browser)

Miiverse's browser interface. grape used Miiverse's old interface, prior to the Browser Redesign and had replicated it nicely.

Comparison to Miiverse

grape was intended to replicate Miiverse as much as possible. But due to it being unfinished, it didn't replicate Miiverse exactly. Here are some notable differences:


  • The "Post from verified users" bar miis were replaced with Arian's mii along with miis of two of his friends.
  • grape has a theming system not found in Miiverse. There are 5 themes to choose from: Olive, Grape, Blueberry (based on an Openverse theme by PF2M), Cherry, and Orange.
  • Mii icons are missing in about boxes. Also, they don't disappear permanently when you close them.
  • The verified posts section appears to be unfinished


  • It replicated the old 2015 offdevice interface on Miiverse
  • It was very unfinished and glitchy


grape was discontinued due to Openverse's popularity and server problems. Arian made all of the grape servers redirect to, and he had built in a complaint form which still works.


Since grape's source code is publicly available on GitHub, Grape has been rehosted a few times. The most well-known rehosting was by Arian in 000webhost, which was shut down. Another rehosting was by Eric which was also shut down, redirecting to Despacito when the link is attempted to be accessed.