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Nintendo Network ID(s) IvoEggman
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Country United States
Birthday Private
Gaming Experience Expert
Systems Owned Wii U
Favorite Game Genres Unknown

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IvoEggman is a popular user, well known for making his posts egg related. He first joined Miiverse on June 25th, and since then, has become a very popular user with almost 300 followers.


IvoEggman first joined Miiverse on June 25th, 2014. When he first joined, he began to received a negative image to many Miiverse Users, as many called him a imposter. Little did Ivo know, that VGCGreg and his gang, known as the Eggverse began to make up rumors and lies about Ivo being a threat to the Eggverse.

Ivo left Miiverse on July 2nd, but returned on July 17th, taking over his second community. He has confront VGCGreg several times, but one fight proved a victory for ivo. He told VGC that he was allies with Negman. VGCGreg told IvoEggman that both him and Negman had a truce, and later VGC left Ivo alone.

IvoEggman disbanded his old Empire on September 14th, and later decided to do his typical egg pun jokes. He final battle with VGCGreg happened on October 14th. They both formed a truce and later became friends. 

IvoEggman restarted his Empire on December 4th, 2014. He now has over fifteen members in his group, the Eggverse Empire.


  • He has almost 300 followers.
  • He's part of the COF organization.
  • He has a group called the Eggverse Empire.
  • He's best friends is Count Dooku, VGCGreg, and Negman.