The Miiverse Administration (also known as Miiverse administrators, commonly admins) is a system that moderates activity on Miiverse. Although it hasn't been confirmed, the Miiverse administration is most likely ran by both humans and machines. This is because they can detect users with a bad reputation, but they can also send mass reports.


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When Hatena Co, Ltd. was originally developing Miiverse and developing extra security measures, they added an admin system, bans, post deletions and user deletions. That was it for the most part. Around Miiverse's release date, the team started using a self-learning module that presumably automatically flagged posts for admins to delete, and users themselves have had a big help in reporting posts and users to the administration.

Additionally, Miiverse has measures to seek blank posts, comments, and paintings to either flag or just delete directly.


Due to strict regulations and unjust bans, the Miiverse Administration's reputation is mostly negative. Many users have gained popularity because of the Miiverse administrators (Arian Kordi, PF2M, Talon Smart, Wood Man, Zeast, and many others).

Because of this reputation, the Miiverse Administration got better around the middle of 2014. However, many Miiverse updates have once again made them worse, most notably the redesign of 2015, and an update that make bans system-wide.

Starting in July of 2015, the admins have begun to be more aware of Miiverse hacks and immediately delete all posts containing them or users who have posted them. In rare cases, some hacked posts may slip by the administration system for unexplained reasons.


  • It's worth noting that the use of the word "administrator", despite it being the official term used by Nintendo when referring to the Miiverse administration, is actually a misnomer in this case; the admins are more akin to moderators than true administrators.
  • Some administrators are employees of Hatena Co, Ltd. who also work for Hatena themselves. Only Nintendo can access their admin server.
  • Nintendo has stated that the Miiverse Administration is a system of robots and "human resources".

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