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The New Super Mario Bros. U Community is a community based off of the Wii U games New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. It is one of the oldest communities on Miiverse being that it was based off of a Wii U launch title, and was created on December 26, 2012 with Miiverse's launch. Being so, it takes advantage of Miiverse in-game. Before you return to the world map, at times it will ask you if you'd like to post to Miiverse. It will also ask you on occasions if you'd like to create a post with a certain twist. These twists range from war cries and mottos to simple letters for Bowser. You can also view these posts from the world map, but you can't Yeah them or comment on them. Obviously, the majority of the posts on this community are posted this way, but many of the other posts are posted from Miiverse and contain screenshots. Originally this community was exclusive to New Super Mario Bros. U, but in June 2013, New Super Luigi U also gained support for this community and the community was even linked with the Year of Luigi Community. Nevertheless, the community still retained the New Super Mario Bros. U name.


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