T-Man is a Miiverse user who sparked in popularity after having two episodes of EWNetwork dedicated to his glitched copy of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.


His first posts were in anticipation of the new game, and on 11/23/2014 4:14 PM, T-man posted a messed-up picture of Yoshi on Miiverse, currently having 3,345 yeahs and 415 comments. He continued to post pictures of his game periodically, and on 01/26/2015, he posted "So I bought a second copy and it's sad to say....that I believe it's a hardware problem with my wii u.(Unless I have two defected games). BUT it's weird cause NONE of my other games have any problems...well sorry guys.😔" This confirmed that it was indeed his Wii U that has problems, not his game.