Travis Mother4 Mii
Nintendo Network ID(s) BelringBoy; BoyFromBelring
Gender Male
Age 14
Also Known As Sodapop, Boredom, Branflakes, Brandon
Country United States of America
Birthday 05/24
Gaming Experience Indeterminate
Systems Owned Wii U

Nintendo 3DS Nintendo New 3DS XL

Favorite Game Genres Action/Adventure/RPG

Travis is a user with a Mii loosely based off of the protagonist of the fan game MOTHER 4 . He posted regularly in Ecuador Club and NSLU before Miiverse' closure.

Since December 15, 2014, he is console-banned on his Wii U. However, he owns a 3DS as well but that also got console banned... and he eventually came back as BelringBoy and BoyFromBelring until the Miiverse closure.


Travis's sockpuppet "madtravisismad"