Uiiverse is an upcoming Miiverse clone created by meltstrap and FunnyBone. The original goal of Uiiverse was to be a sucesser to Wiiverse, another Miiverse clone created by FunnyBone. The Miiverse clone is said to release on November 7th, 2018. Not much is known about Uiiverse yet.


  • There was a fight during Wiiverse's lifespan, which almost led to the end of Wiiverse. meltstrap desided to make Uiiverse to surpass the "dead" service. However Wiiverse didn't shutdown and caused Uiiverse to stay dorment for a few months.
  • One day during June, Wiiverse shutdown due to inactivity. This caused Wiiverse developer FunnyBone to ask meltstrap to help develop Uiiverse. This cause a revival to the service.